Moss Treatment

Moss destroys your roof in two ways. The roots (called rhizoids) work their way into your roof, separating and eating away at the shingles, and, in the worst cases, the wooden support structure of your roof. Secondly, moss holds moisture like a sponge that never dries. The water stored in your moss causes the wood and shingles on your roof to literally rot.

It's best to catch moss early and prevent it from coming back.

Seattle Gutter Cleaning LLC treats moss by applying a zinc-based mineral compound that kills moss particles and spores. The treatment changes the ph level of the roof, neutralizing the roof and making it difficult for the moss to grow. It is a tried and true method, and it is the safest, most effective way possible to treat rooftop moss. We do not believe that removing moss is an effective solution for protecting your roof since the removal process is known to cause damage.

You will be surprised at how cost effective moss treatment can be. Especially when it could triple the life of your roof.

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Moss Removal FAQ

What about pressure washing my roof?

There are companies that do it, but I think it's a bad idea. Pressure washers operate at extremely high power, and can destroy the integrity of your roof. Removing moss by hand is just as effective, more economical, and the recommended technique for roof cleaning. It just makes more sense.

How long does the moss treatment last?

It completely depends on the house and the environment. Moss thrives in dark damp places. If your house is shaded by trees and your roof collects debris, you can expect moss on the roof and the treatment will last for a limited amount of time. If your house receives full sun, you are much less likely to experience moss, and the treatment will be effective for a longer period of time.

What are the environmental impacts?

At Seattle Gutter Cleaning LLC, we have done extensive research and testing with all the different rooftop moss treatments available on the market today, including surveying the environmental impacts. We strive to offer our clients the best, effective most treatment in an environmentally friendly way has proven to be a challenge. We encourage our clients to read up, do their homework and call us with questions.

What about unconventional moss treatments?

We do not deal with the unconventional, we only use tried and true methods. Home remedies such as applying bleach, laundry soap, vinegar or lemon juice may or may not kill moss and can be detrimental to the roof. These solutions can be particularly damaging to the tar that binds together the shingles of most composition roofs, and using home remedies to kill moss on your roof will definitely void your roof warranty.

How much do you charge for moss treatment?

We would be happy to tell you all about our moss services and prices. Give is a call right now at 206-659-7844 to discuss your project.